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Our Vision and Mission

1.    On a non-profit making basis, to promote, for the benefit of the public in Hong Kong and Asia Pacific region, the advancement of education in innovation technology;
2.    To create an inclusive and innovative technology education for the public in Hong Kong and Asia, in order to enhance the knowledge and culture of innovation technology;
3.    To promote and to enhance the education in innovative technology through education seminars and workshops;
4.    To participate in various innovative technology related academic activities organized by the HKSAR Government and other institutions

Education Mentors

Founder, Alpha AI
Forbes 30 Under 30 Social Entrepreneurs (Asia)

Education Entrepreneur

Founder, GloStudy

Corporate Trainer

Founder, Brainy Alliance

Registered Patent Attorney

Founder, Real & Complex IP

Co-founder, Binery

Group CIO, McMillan Woods Global

Chief Futurpreneur, FutureNow

Founder & Group Director, Emeritus
Associate Director, CityU

Associate Professor, Programme Leader of Technopreneurship Programme, CityU

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